Retiree bites young man's arm over subway seat

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2012-10-09 06:37:40 GMT2012-10-09 14:37:40(Beijing Time)

The old man over 60 is holding the 28-year-old teacher down and biting him.

The old man over 60 raised his “bloody face” for a moment, then continued to bite the young man.

A retiree was filmed gnawing at a young man's arm in a fight for a train seat in a subway in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Province yesterday morning.

The 67-year-old man surnamed Chen scuffled with a 28-year-old teacher surnamed Wu around 8:30am over a seat, and Chen was seen biting Wu's arm for nearly 30 seconds, leaving blood stains on their faces and arms, an online video showed.

In the 46-second footage, Wu huddled up in the seat to protect his head and dodge the old man's violent attack. No passenger in the car stepped forward to separate them. They just stood around to film the brawl.

The two men were taken away by police after the train stopped at the next station. Their injuries were not serious and both agreed to pay their own medical costs, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported today.

They expressed regret at the police station and were not detained.