Women's federation promotes embroidery works to help family shake off poverty

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Gun Peiyi makes paper-cuttings to design for embroidery in Yongwei Village, Liuzhou City of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, April 12, 2018.Despite deaf and mute, the 43-year-old Gun is well-known for her skill at embroidery. Loving embroidery since she was young, Gun, who masters both Dong and Miao embroidery techniques, earned fame after she created many embroidery works featuring diversified styles and abstract images. Four years ago, her husband passed away, leaving her and her only daughter live with each other. Local women's federation takes the initiative to promote Gun's embroidery works to the market on the hope this will help the family shake off poverty as soon as possible. (Xinhua/Li Hanchi)