Find of the Week: Big Apple at the Courtyard

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After many years of inventing amazingly fun, creative dishes in Beijing, we are impressed that chef Brian McKenna doesn’t even seem close to running out of ideas. His new menu at The Courtyard has no shortage of playful presentations, but the dish that makes us the most excited is "The Big Apple" (RMB98 à la carte). As soon as we saw its photo, posted by the chef online, we knew we had to eat it. It so stimulated our imagination, we even dreamed about it.

The centerpiece of the dessert is the candy apple. The thin exterior is a sweet, apple-flavored hard candy, but inside, the “apple” is hollow and filled with foam. The leaf on top is made from apple sorbet. Then surrounding it on the plate are little cubes of green apple jelly, and apple compote topped with paper-thin discs of fresh green apple. To make the whole thing a kind of deconstructed apple crumble, there’s also crushed cinnamon cookie and the creamiest, most delicious vanilla ice cream we’ve ever had. Try it either at dinner, or at Brian McKenna @ The Courtyard’s newly launched lunch, when you'll also enjoy amazing views of the Forbidden City.


What: The Courtyard

Where: 95 Donghuamen Avenue, 东华门大街95号

Tel: 6526-8883