Lantern's month of birthday celebrations

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Taking our first tentative steps into Lantern all those years ago – just as the club was taking its own first steps – was a defining moment. It’s easy to see why: techno tunes in Beijing beats 1.60USD pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon in a small-town bar back home, any day. If only our homestay family at the time had seen things the same way!

And now, in an otherwise quiet month, Lantern has put together a hell of a programme to celebrate four long years: an 

anniversary party on Saturday 4

; a glowtastic, sprightly new night in 

Neon Zoo on Friday 10

; an appearance by Joop Junior, courtesy of 

FOOTPRINT on Friday 17

; and [RE]2, featuring DJs out of Singapore and 

Chinese electronic music innovator Ni Bing, on Saturday 18


Happy birthday, Lantern – and thanks for the presents.