DIY Christmas Costumes for SantaCon

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SantaCon 2013 is only a few days away, and the time has come for you to head to the market and get yourself a Santa suit (25-95RMB, depending on the quality), but don't stop there. SantaCon is about going all out - no costume is too elaborate, wild, or stupid - so you'd better deliver. Spice up your basic Santa suit with a mask (10-35RMB), hat (15-20RMB), or Pikachu onesie (110RMB): become a Peking Opera Santa, a farm animal Santa, a freaky zombie Santa, Santa at a disco dude ranch, a masquerade party Santa - the options are literally limitless. 

But if you'd rather stand out from the crowd, skip out on being a Santa altogether; any Christmas-themed costume is allowed! Click through this gallery for how-to's on how to fashion yourself into Santa's bag of toys, a table of cookies for Santa, or a spicy Christmas tree, and then get crafty and make one for yourself!

All items listed above and costume-making materials can be purchased at Tianyi Market, both the