Revealed: Meet Beijing’s Michelin

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Photo: Michelin Guide Beijing 

Here it is. Hot on the heels of the release of the wallet-friendly Michelin Bib Gourmand award which featured heavily local favourites, the Michelin guide officially dropped its inaugural Beijing edition. And the result, is both predictable and equally surprising.

How did Beijing fare? We'll save the analysis for later and give you good people what you want. Here's the list of Beijing’s starred restaurants as named by The Michelin Guide Beijing 2020.

One star

'High-quality cooking, worth a visit'

Photo: IL Ristorante

Cai Yi Xuan 采逸轩

Cui Hua Lou 萃华楼

Da Dong (Gongti East Road) 大董 (工体东路)

Da Dong (Dongsi Shitiao) 大董 (东四十条)

Family Li Imperial Cuisine (Xisheng) 厉家菜 (西城)

Fu Chun Ju 富春居

Huaiyang Fu 淮扬府

IL Ristorante – Niko Romito

In Love (Gongti East Road) 湘爱 (工体东路)

Jing Yaa Tang 京雅堂

Lao Ji Tang 老吉堂

Lei Garden (Jinbao Tower) 丽苑 (金宝大厦)

Mio Poetry.Wine 拾久

Seventh Son 家全七福

Sheng Yong Xing 晟永兴 (朝阳)

The Beijing Kitchen 北京酒店厨房

The Georg

Jin Rong Ji (Jianguomenwai Street) 新荣记 (建国门外大街)

Jin Rong Ji (JinrongStreet) 新荣记 (金融大街)

Two stars

'Excellent cooking, worth a detour’

Photo: King's Joy

King's Joy 京兆尹

Shanghai Cuisine 屋里厢

Three stars

'Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey’

Photo: Xin Rong Ji

Xin Rong Ji (Xinyuan South Road) 新荣记 (新源南路)