Page One (Qianmen)

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The newest branch of Page One, found amid the Qianmen‘s stylish Beijing Fun development, is a spectacle in itself – a design fest littered with sleek staircases, brushed wood fittings, multi-floor-spanning bookshelves, glass panels and an awesome vista out towards Tiananmen Square. Indeed, many people are here just to pose for social media snaps.

Quite fittingly, its selection of art and design albums and guides is the best in the city, while the English-language fiction section – which snakes its way up along a snazzy staircase (pictured) – is similarly well stocked, if a little pricier than elsewhere (many titles fetch over 30RMB). It‘s also home to a pleasant, wood-encased café on the third floor, which is a decent spot to sit down in with your new purchase.