Lugu Lake, a place of idyllic beauty

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Evening at Daluoshui Village, located along the Lugu Lake.(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

Prayer flags, which can be seen everywhere around the lake.(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

A boating loafing about on the lake in the late afternoon.(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

A boat shaped like banana near Lige Byland.(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

Xiaoluoshui Village.(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

A sunflower blossoming at Lige Byland(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

The Sweetheart Trees, a famouse scenic spot along the lakeside.(Yuan Yue/Sina English)

Located in the Northwest Yunnan plateau in the centre of Ningliang Yi Autonomous County, Lugu Lake is a place of idyllic beauty, and is attracting tourists from all around the world.