American boy offers advice on dealing with parent's divorce

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2012-06-11 06:39:22 GMT2012-06-11 14:39:22(Beijing Time)

Dealing with your parent's divorce as a teen is never easy, but it helps to know you're not alone.

In the video above, 16-year-old YouTube star Mark Cefalo Jr. offers teens a primer on what it's like when parents divorce. Cefalo, who says his parents split when he was 13, addresses everything from shared custody to money problems to the awkwardness that comes when a parent starts dating someone new.

"You have to go off and introduce yourself to a complete stranger and let them fit into your life practically. I couldn't do that at first, I was just like, "Hell no, no! I don't want you in my life," Cefalo says in the video.